My approach

Translation is not an exact science; it is a craft learned through dedicated practice. While the process of translating often involves extensive mental gymnastics, my approach to translation is simple: I strive to provide accurate, idiomatic, fit-for-purpose translations into English.

What do I mean by accurate? Idiomatic? Fit-for-purpose? An accurate translation is correct, precise and faithful, but never “word-for-word.” It conveys the nuances and subtleties of the original text, without any omissions, additions or changes of meaning. An idiomatic translation is easy to understand, grammatically correct and sounds natural. It reads as if it were written directly in the target language. A fit-for-purpose translation is one that is functionally equivalent: its style echoes the original, it is culturally appropriate and it has an equivalent effect on the target readership.

In addition to having near-native knowledge of the source language and culture, a good translator must also be a good writer in his/her own language. I devote a considerable amount of time and energy to improving my writing skills through training and by researching language usage in my areas of expertise.

My approach to working with clients is pro-active: I consult with clients on terminology and communication objectives, and I encourage them to provide feedback. Communication before, during and after a project is the best way to ensure client satisfaction.

I provide prompt, responsive service and never miss a deadline. Rush orders are accepted only when I can guarantee my high standards of quality will be maintained.